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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Re: Linux and ebXML


> Not wanting to get into a war over Linux - but you must be kidding. 

Them's fighting words, despite your disclaimer. I knew I would hook a linux bigot with 
my comments. ;-)

> Linux
> now is being used in embedded cable decoders and all kinds of consumer
> applications, not to mention web servers and mail servers which can run
> literally for years without intervension.

Referring to embedded Linux, then the OS is really not visible, and you could call the 
device an "appliance".  In that scenario I agree with you.  I should have been more 
clear that my comments were referring to Linux as a replacement for 
Windows.....which would not be viable for many SME's for the reasons given. 

Besides, most SME's don't (and shouldn't) care about operating systems and techno-
geek-weenie stuff like that.  They care about paying invoices, collecting on 
receivables, getting new contracts and such.  Why would/should they care about 
Linux, Windows or technological chicanery that we technocrats like to argue about?  
It should be transparent to them.

> I'm writing this email on a HP machine running Red Hat, and my web server
> has been running Linux for over two years - with exactly zero crashes due
> to OS failure (two hardware failures). I hardly ever need to touch it. 

And how long did it take, how much IT knowledge did it require to get it to this state?  
The average SME would not be capable nor interesting in doing that. 

Bundle Linux into a turnkey solution, and then you have a different story. 


Chaeron Corporation

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