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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Registry/Repository implementation

Hi Régis,

The V2.0 specs are not backward compatible with 1.0 for the OASIS ebXML Registry. This was a painful decision the TC took after careful deliberation and full appreciation of its impact on existing implementations and applications.

I would not recommend anyone building on the 1.0 specs now that V2.0 has been approved as an OASIS standard. Vendors are already beginning to provide V2.0 support for their ebXML Registry implementations.
You should check with your chosen vendor on the availability of their ebXML Registry V2.0  implementation.


Régis Dubois wrote:

To what extends is the V2.0 of the registry compatible with the 1.0.In other word, should I wait for a 2.0 registry to be implemented, or purchase the 1.0 solution sold by GOXML?  ------------------------------------
Régis Dubois
Valtech Toulouse


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