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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Re: Need CPP/A help!

Hi Ashok,

If you put the word CPP/A in your subject you may get more focused help from
mebers of the CPP/A team.
I modified the title for that reason.

Please see comments inline below.

"Momidi, Ashok" wrote:

> hi,
> pl, go through the attachment for a ebXML registry diagram.
>  <<Registry_Mail.doc>>
> As per the diagram CPA is created by ebXML Registry.
> If so, how it is done.

The diagram is misleading. An ebXML Registry does not create a CPA from 2
In fact an ebXML Registry does not know the difference between a CPP, CPPA or
a GIF file.
In fact an ebXML Registry is just about agnostic of the repository items
submitted to it.
All it know about is the meta data (RegistryObjects) submitted to it.

In summary a registry stores CPAs like any other content but does not partake
in generating it.

> Otherwise, by whom (party) CPA is generated.

A CPA is created from two CPPs using a CPA negotiation tool. A registry does
not have to provide such tools.
Such tools are likely to be part of a CPP/A toolkit or a larger ebXML product.
You should watch for JSR 157


which will produce such a tool as its reference implementation.

> Is there any tool available to create CPA.

Maybe someone from the CPP/A team can provide more information on such tools.

> eagerly waiting 4 ur reply...
> thankx in adv.
> rgds
> ash-sen
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                         Name: Registry_Mail.doc
>    Registry_Mail.doc    Type: WINWORD File (application/msword)
>                     Encoding: BASE64


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