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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] CEFACT ebXML Core Components Specification

> "CRAWFORD, Mark" wrote:
> we have a process or we don't.  And by the way, we are a team.  If
> there was to be any extension, then it should have been discussed by
> the entire team.  To grant an extension without checking with the
> team, and to do so in a closed door fashion, is disrespectful of both
> the team and all the individuals who worked so hard to meet the
> deadline that was established.


Let's keep track of the goal of having a usable spec. etc.  The CC spec
misses some components which prevent it from being implementable.  If we
stick by the processes and end up with a spec no one can implement,  it
doesn;t serve anyone soince the next step involves two RI's.

ON the other hand,  I also feel that the entire team has worked hard and
should have probably been consulted by the team leader to determine if
an extension is needed.  That is an internal team matter, not for the
ebXML Dev list. 


We should not shoot Klaus - he was just the messenger.

CTO, XML Global Technologies
Transformation - http://www.xmlglobal.com/prod/foundation/
ebXML Central - http://www.xmlglobal.com/prod/central/

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