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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] CEFACT ebXML Core Components Specification

Title: RE: [ebxml-dev] CEFACT ebXML Core Components Specification

> Too bad that you did not check the facts before making this
> public statement


If reading a private email sent by you to a potential submitter telling them that you would hold up forwarding everyone else's submissions for several days to allow the potential submitter additional time past the deadline is not sufficiently checking the facts, then I am guilty.

> It was the CC project team leader that advised one of the
> submitters that his wish was granted for an extension. Instead of me
> disagreeing with that decision, I set a date specific date since that is in line
> with a common practice to allow a few extra days of collecting comments
> after the set deadline. As I said in my precious email, if you have concerns or need
> further clarification on this topic please contact the CC project team
> leader directly.

Funny, the message is from you, not the team leader.  Regardless, it is inappropriate for anyone to arbitrarily grant an extension.  Either we have a process or we don't.  And by the way, we are a team.  If there was to be any extension, then it should have been discussed by the entire team.  To grant an extension without checking with the team, and to do so in a closed door fashion, is disrespectful of both the team and all the individuals who worked so hard to meet the deadline that was established.


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