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Subject: [ebxml-dev] questions on the BPSS spec

Hi all,

I have three questions on the BPSS.

 1. I cannot find the semantics of the four status values;

    Success, BusinessFailure, TechnicalFailure, and AnyFailure.

    Can anyone show me the description and some example?

 2. It seems vague how the status is determined after a 

    Collaboration Activity is executed. I guess it is the final 

    state of the nested Binary Collaboration. Is this right?

 3. What is the scope of the name attributes?

    One possible and simple interpretation is a name must be

    unique in one ProcessSpecification through the all element

    types (like as XML ID value must be unique even if attribute

    names are different.); e.g., an InitiatingRole and a

    BusinessDocument cannot have the same name even their element

    types are different.

    But the spec doesn't tell me whether it is right.

I will be happy if anyone can shed some light.

Thanks in advance,


Yamada Takafumi


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