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Subject: [ebxml-dev] ebtwg domain temporarily down

I have been informed that ebTWG's domain host CommerceNet is having 
difficulties with its own ISP, as a result of which the ebtwg.org servers 
went down over the weekend.  Browser or e-mail queries to the domain may 
not resolve correctly through DNS.  ebTWG chair Klaus Naujok asked me to 
post this report, as he is traveling.  Steps are being taken to correct the 
domain failure, likely within 24 hours.

Regards  Jamie Clark

~ James Bryce Clark
~ VP and General Counsel, McLure-Moynihan Inc.
~ 1 818 597 9475   jamie.clark@mmiec.com   www.mmiec.com
~ Chair, ABA Business Law Subcommittee on Electronic Commerce
~ www.abanet.org/buslaw/cyber/ecommerce/ecommerce.html

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