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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] MSH 1.0 vs 2.0?

Andrzej Jan Taramina wrote:
> Rudi:
> > However, I would've prefered a different scenario on the hub: in our
> > BPM, add both the 1.04 and 2.0 MSH adapters, and set up the Partners in
> > the Directory for either 1.04 or 2.0 communication.  Since the
> > communication is handled in the ebXML gateway, you encapsulate the
> > messaging details from the BSI which then just deals with the payload.
> > On the outbound side back to the Partner, there's a late-binding
> > approach where we lookup the participant at runtime, on behalf of an
> > "activity" in the process flow that prepresents a web-service
> > invocation, to figure out what the communication is supposed to be, ie
> > ebMS 1.04 or 2.0 in our case.
> A very interesting solution.  Is there any way to specify the MSH adapter (and hence
> MSH version) that should be used for partners, in the CPA you have in place with the
> particular trading partner?

In our particular case, it would be the combination of the "adapter"
name and the CPA location (by partyid).  In other words, you'd configure
two named ebXML adapters (ie MSH) as ie "ebxml104" and "ebxml" (2.0),
both with the appropriate .jar, and then the respective CPA per
participant/party.  Otherwise, if you'd get the MSH version number from
the CPA, you'd have to write conditonal ebXML java code if you keyed the
adapter with just "ebxml".  Hmm .. I guess conditional code works fine
for minor version changes, ie 2.0-2.01, in which case the header would
contain the ebMS string.


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