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Subject: [ebxml-dev] XML Data Integration Platform

I wanted to contact you and introduce you to XAware.  We provide an easy-to-use, time-saving, cost-effective middleware solution for integrating data from disparate enterprise information systems. XAware’s bi-directional data integration server and visual design environment leverages investments in existing enterprise systems.


Using XAware’s patented technology, XA-Suite accesses enterprise systems through “XML views” representing logical business information like “customers”, “orders”, or “inventory”. For companies with multiple information systems, the impact on application developers is dramatic. Now, instead of managing connections to many systems, the XML view lets applications make a single request to retrieve or update enterprise information.  XML views are accessed through a variety of familiar interfaces, including SOAP, EJB, and Microsoft’s .NET technologies.  Our technology will benefit your organization and save you both time and money.


If you would like to explore our technology further please go to the following web pages and register for a demo or an evaluation system:


Demonstration link http://www.xaware.com/demo_registration/register 


Evaluations software link: http://www.xaware.com/trial



Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.  Also if you know of anyone else that may be interested in our technology please forward this email to them.



Tony Sciacca

Director of Sales

XAware Inc.




Cell: 719-650-9266


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