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Subject: [ebxml-dev] BPSS 1.04 Announcement

The BPSS Project Team of the UN/CEFACT's Electronic Business Transition
ad-hoc Working Group (eBTWG) is announcing the release of its "ebXML
Business Process Specification Schema" (BPSS), Version 1.04, and
corresponding XML Schema for "Internal Review" under the UN/CEFACT Open
Development Process.  Technical implementers, interested industry
experts, members of the eBTWG, and other interested parties are
encouraged to comment. This version of the BPSS and subsequent revisions
are targeted to become the "ebXML Business Process Specification Schema"
(BPSS), Version 2.00, after completing Public Review and Implementation
Verification review cycles.

This review period ends 9 June 2002. Please submit your comments to
Pallavi Malu (email: pallavi.g.malu@intel.com) and Brian S. Hayes

The documents to be reviewed are:
Specification Schema (BPSS)
   - Version 1.04, PDF Format, ebBPSS1.04.zip
XML Schema for ebXML BPSS 1.04
   - Version 1.04, XML/XSD, ebBPSS1.04.xsd.zip

The documents are available at the following locations:
In order to assist in the review and commenting, the specification has
each line start with a unique line number to allow placements of
comments against them. For each comment, reviewers shall provide the
specification's line number range, the comment itself, the rational for
the comment, suggestion for change, and target version. If you feel that
the issue must be addressed in BPSS 2.0, put "2.0."  If it can be
deferred to a later version, put "2.x" or "3.0."  If you do not have an
opinion, leave blank. A template for comments has been provided at the
download sites (see BPSS_v1.04_comments_yourname.zip); submissions in
other standard readable formats are acceptable (e.g. e-mail and plain

After the end of the review period the project team will review the
comments, revise the working draft, and re-circulate it until the
reviewers are satisfied with the content. As changes are made, the
updated document and disposition log will be republished. This will
allow everyone to not only see the changes, but also the rational behind
them and reasons for suggestions that were not accepted.

Brian S. Hayes
Business Process Specification Schema Project Team Lead

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