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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Barcellona Feedback

Unfortunately I could not make the ebXML day at XML Europe 2002 recently, 
but I was sort of expecting that a number of feedback items would appear 
either on ebXML.org or be notified through the newsgroups. For those of you 
who did attend, would you care to comment generally or specifically about 
the sessions, or do you know whether other materials from that event are 
available elsewhere ?

I personally was interested in the following sessions :-

ebXML in Web Services :-

    ebXML: Business Level Framework for Web Services
    Steve Yung, Sun Microsystems

    Delivering Enterprise Web services using ebXML
    Prakash Sinha, IONA

ebXML in the Marketplace :-

    B2B Collaborations using ebXML
    Himagiri Mukkamala, Sybase

    Pan Asian e-commerce Alliance's Global e-Trade Platform based on
    Chaemee Kim, KTNET

ebXML Business Process :-

    Business Collaboration: A Better Way
    Jim Clark, Microsoft Corporation

    ebMethodology based on ebXML UMM and CC, ebXML TRP implementation
    Pere Rosell - EAN Spain and Melanie Kudela - Director of XML
    Development, UCC

    ebXML and the e-Business Protocol Stack
    John Yunker and David Welsh, Collaborative Domain

UBL and ebXML



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