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Subject: [ebxml-dev] isConcurrent parameter at BTA?


What is the interpretation of  isConcurrent flag at the Business Transaction Activity level?

(pg 32 line 1231, 1.04 ver BPSS Or pg 29 line 1040, 1.01 ver BPSS) says:
"isConcurrent is a parameter that governs the flow of transactions. Unlike the security and timing parameters it does not govern the internal flow of a transaction, rather it determines whether multiple instances of that transaction type can be ‘open’ at the same time as part of the same business transaction activity. IsConcurrent is the parameter that governs this. It is at the business transaction activity level."

Here "multiple instances" refer to instances within a single business collaboration instance? Or the instances refer to different instances of a business transaction activity within different business collaboration instances of the same business collaboration definition type?

trying to make it more clear;
Are we applying the isConcurrent parameter within the scope of a single binary collaboration or within the scope of multiple binary collaborations of the same type?

What would be the business usecase for either interpretation?

Thanks in advance,

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