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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] gorilla hair v beach balls

After reading what someone posted about what Gartner said about ebXML,
I thought I would share the following...

I attended a "session" with a Meta Group consultant and they continue
to push WebServices and a "future" of WebServices that includes all
the stuff that the standard profile does not contain.  When asked about
those things (binary collaboration, guarenteed messaging, transaction,
security) they said that that was what MOM systems were for.

After words I asked the consultant about JCA and ebXML and in regards
to ebXML, he said that most people he speaks to view it as TCP/IP (WS)
vs OSI (ebXML) - ebXML is a well-designed framework but no one uses b/c
everyone has TCP/IP available to them.  I know...I know...gorilla hair
vs beach balls - but that is another "view" out there with people that
affect decision makers.

Personally, I think the whitepapers are long overdue, but the governing
bodies (UN/OASIS) need to start meeting with the Gartners and Metas and
generate some inertia (positive) with industry influencers.  Them along
with various groups that have bought into ebXML (Covisint/RosettaNet)
to let people know - this is coming.  In addition, I think that we need
to start to have some RegReps up and running with standard data -
country codes, etc.  Not sure if that is UN or ISO but if they are up
and running, then people will start to use this stuff.  At least thru

My thoughts...

Brian Repko
Project Architect

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