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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Core Processes to complement Core Components?


There is a project in ebtwg "Common Business Process Catalog"
which seems to work on these "Core Processes". I don't know
the status of that project.

As given in the project proposal....

1.2 Scope
The primary objective of a Catalog of Common Business Processes is to provide the
e-business community with a reference of business models (Process and Information models)
plus related information that may be independent of any industry specifics. The generic
nature of these business processes enables one to reuse them with specific context and
business rules within different vertical industries. Another objective of this catalog is
to provide the corresponding references to business documents and business processes
defined across various industry standards.


Andrzej Jan Taramina wrote:

> In a similar vein to Core Components (a very worthy effort)...I was curious as to why
> there does not seem to be a Core Processes effort underway.
> I would have thought that having standardized, searchable processes (akin to
> Rosettanet PIPs perhaps) would be a beneficial thing.  These processes could be
> references, inherited from, and/or copied and modified similar to Core Components.
> Or am I just being a bit stunned today and have missed something obvious?
> ...Andrzej
> Chaeron Corporation
> http://www.chaeron.com
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