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Subject: [ebxml-dev] [Fwd: WebStart version of RegistryBrowser updated tolatest bits]


If you have been wanting to play with our open source ebXML V2 Registry then now would be a good time. Please see attached announcement to the ebxmlrr-tech mailing list.

The server side (both registry and repository) bits are feature complete beta quality. The client side is 80% feature complete alpha quality code. The client side is strong in query capability and weaker in publish capability.

Please post all technical questions on ebxmlrr-tech mailing list and not ebxml-dev mailing list.


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The RegistryBrowser described at:


has been updated to latest bits.

Note that using this browser one can surf ebXML V2 registries without
any complex installtion process.

The changes include numerous new features, performance enhancements and
bug fixes.
The most notable new feature is the support for ExtrisnicObjects and
submission of arbitrary repository items to the ebXML registry. The new
features have been a solid team effort.  Kudos to Adrian, Edwin, Nikola
for their contributions.

The main bug to watch out for is to not use the User Registration icon
in the toolbar as this is not working for some reason in the WebStart
version. I am looking into this issue.

Please send your comments on the new browser to this list.

All the best.


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Ebxmlrr-tech mailing list
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