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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Open standards and ebXML (Computerworld)

This was a nice comment about open standards generally and ebXML specifically --


Open Rules for E-Business
By Nicholas Petreley
June 17, 2002
"... Rule No. 1:  Keep an "open" mind. ... face the fact that proprietary solutions are on their way out and get with open standards and open source ...
... Rule No. 2:  Ignore technology endorsements by large companies. There was a time when you could make business decisions based only on the fact that IBM and Microsoft announced a partnership. On second thought, considering what happened to OS/2, perhaps even that memory is an illusion. Regardless, forget what vendors say about e-business technologies and commit to open standards. Keep your eye on ebXML, for example (www.ebxml.org).
... Rule No. 3:  Hire that security guru now, ..."

IBM has made valuable contributions to ebXML, and I still have hope that Microsoft will as well.  Nevertheless it is pleasing to see that the writer understands our core value proposition: a neutral, lock-in free standard set.  Thanks to Alan Kotok and David Webber for pointing out this article.    JBC

~ James Bryce Clark
~ VP and General Counsel, McLure-Moynihan Inc.   www.mmiec.com
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