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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Open Source OASIS ebXML V2.1 Registry available fordownload

The ebxmlrr project is pleased to announce the general availability of a developer download of version 1.0-alpha1 of our open source OASIS ebXML Registry. The registry implements version 2.1, the very latest version, of the OASIS ebXML Registry specifications.

For your convenience, the release is available in both source and binary form under an Apache style open source license that permits royalty free use of the source and binaries.

The release may be downloaded from the following location:


A pre-release version of the Registry Browser is available for early developer feedback at:


Please post technical questions related to ebxmlrr to the ebxmlrr-tech mailing list. Please join ebxmlrr-interest mailing list to receive future announcements related to ebxmlrr project.

Thanks for your interest and support.


Farrukh Najmi - Project Lead for ebxmlrr, OASIS ebXML Registry Technical Committee member, Sun Microsystems
Adrian Chong - Technical Lead for ebxmlrr server, CECID Hong Kong University

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