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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Fwd: [uddi-general] UDDI Version 3 Open Draft posted forpublic review at http://uddi.org/specification.html

 > The UDDI Working Group and Advisors Group are pleased to
 > inform you that the UDDI Version 3 Specification, Open Draft,
 > Dated 3 July 2002 has been posted by UDDI.org at 

It will be necessary for ebXML workgroups to articulate how their
solutions relate to UDDI registries, even if the answer is "not at all".

The changes in this version, such as "Universal Business Registry
root" make it clear, this group regards the UDDI registry as the final
solution and replacement for DNS, global directories of parties such
as DUNS, and global registries of semantics such as UN/CEFACT.

Fine with me.  But they intend that it shall be owned by Microsoft, IBM,
HP, and other corporations, and that it shall be millions of lines of code,
and churning annually, preventing any open source products.  This
pretty well ensures that all the associated tools and applications and
servers will also be huge, constantly churning, and expensive. This
furthermore assures the products from Microsoft, IBM, HP and Sun
will always be a little different, a little differentiated, capturing and
immoblizing the users of their platforms.  What are you going to do
about *that*?

Hmmm. and these are all American corporations. That means,
George Bush or some future president, who knows, John Ashcroft
maybe, might pass a law seizing control of the registry.  Or opening
up all of the information in it, or requiring a national ID to gain access
to the Registry, or, requiring key escrow or whatever. Banning
companies or nations we disagree with, from the Registry.  In the
year 2020 that would be the same as banning their banking system
from the international banking system today.

And what is the governance model for content of this registry??  Who
decides what is allowed to post into the "Root Registry"?  Obviously
the owners of the Registry will decide what is in the Registry.

As an SME, there is no sufficient granularity for controlling access
to layers of my metadata comparable to what I enjoy today within
my own LAN and database.  Why do I need to surrender my strategic
options and flexibility just to send and receive orders, payments,
etc.?   There are cosmic scale questions here, that the Internet Society
etc. have been debating for decades, political and cultural questions.

I would suggest ebXML as well as every other standards effort based
on the customer side of software, based on the cultural side, or
based on open political or governance models, need to come down
from the ivory towers, and form a *united front* that accepts these
powerful and energetic developments, but ensures they do not destroy
the work that has been done by all your groups, or capture any
economic rent whatsoever.  UDDI is a corporate collaboration that
looks down upon, disregards, and disallows participation from
non-WebServices communities.   You need something like a baseball
bat (a long-term, structural response, RICO lawsuit, or something).

- no apologies offered for these opinions.

>To: <uddi-technical@yahoogroups.com>, <uddi-general@yahoogroups.com>
>From: "Luc Clement" <lclement@microsoft.com>
>Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 11:51:55 -0700
>Subject: [uddi-general] UDDI Version 3 Open Draft posted for public review 
>at http://uddi.org/specification.html
>Reply-To: uddi-general@yahoogroups.com
>Dear community members,
>The UDDI Working Group and Advisors Group are pleased to inform you that 
>the UDDI Version 3 Specification, Open Draft, Dated 3 July 2002 has been 
>posted by UDDI.org at 
>for public review. Version 3 delivers upon the roadmap and requirements 
>outlined at the launch of UDDI in September 2000, to develop a secure, 
>general-purpose registry for Web services. Version 3 builds on the vision 
>of UDDI: a meta service for locating web services by enabling robust 
>queries against rich metadata. Expanding on the foundation of Versions 1 
>and 2, Version 3 offers the industry a specification for building 
>flexible, interoperable XML Web services registries useful in private as 
>well as public deployments.
>With a vast array of enhancements including multi-registry topologies, 
>increased security features, improved WSDL support, a new subscription API 
>and core information model advances the Version 3 specification offers 
>clients and implementors a comprehensive and complete blueprint of a 
>description and discovery foundation for a diverse set of Web services 
>The UDDI Working Group has prepared a V3 specification features list which 
>we recommend you read before tackling the specification. You can find the 
>UDDI V3 Features List at 
>Version 3 consolidates the UDDI specification into a single document, the 
>result of which is a more readable document, in which everything necessary 
>to implement UDDI exists in a single place.
>Luc Clément
>Program Manager, UDDI.org
>Tel: +1.425.705.4353

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