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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Automating execution of Biz Processes (& BPSS)....

> Are you making this ebXML RI publicly available? If yes, when?

Not really, though I will be doing a presentation on it in Detroit at the OAG session 
early August.  However, Sun will be re-deploying the RI in the iForce demo centers at 
some point...so it might be accessible through that channel (I'm not sure on who gets 
to view iForce demos).  That would be likely later this Fall.

> I was
> interested in checking your tool out. Especially I am *very* interested in
> UML model->BPSS serialization.

The RI is based on commercially available software.  Primarily New Era's (Sybase 
subsidiary) ebXML implementation (including their Power Designer modelling tool 
that generates BPSS) and the ebxmlrr open source Reg/Rep implementation 
(sponsored by Sun).


Chaeron Corporation

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