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Subject: [ebxml-dev] re BPSS: how can I identify DocumentEnvelope from receivedmessage


I have a (possibly silly) question about BPSS. Anybody has experienced 
this problem? Could anybody give me an answer to it?
Please assume I'm developing ebXML gateway which is configurable with 
BPSS and do some business process management staff for me.

BusinessTransaction/RespondingActivity can have more than one 
DocumentEnvelope. If the gateway receives a message for DocumentEnvelope 
with isPositiveResponse="false", the BusinessTransaction must fail. 
In order to determine completion state of a BusinessTransaction, the 
gateway must identify which DocumentEnvelope it received.

Question is, which information from BPSS gives me a key to identify 
DocumentEnvelope? Transport (ebMS) can pass many information up to BP 
manager. Which of them are used to identify DocumentEnvelope and Where 
is it specified in the BPSS? This is so important that there should be 
some 'standard' way.

I found that BusinessDocument has conditionExpression. BPSS spec says 
this conditionExpression "determines whether this is a valid business 
document for its envelope." Is this it?

Thanks in advance

Kenji Nagahashi

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