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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] re BPSS: how can I identify DocumentEnvelope fromreceivedmessage


DocumentEnvelope references the BusinessDocument
which points to a specificationElement.

Based on the specificationElement in the document received
over the messaging layer, this identifies the DocumentEnvelope
corresponding to isPositiveResponse=false

You could use the conditionExpression in the BusinessDocument, if for e.g
 same Schema is used for different BusinessDocuments but
based on the conditionExpression, like presence or absence
of a specific Element, they derive different DocumentEnvelopes.


nagahashi@jp.fujitsu.com wrote:

> Hi
> I have a (possibly silly) question about BPSS. Anybody has experienced
> this problem? Could anybody give me an answer to it?
> ----
> Please assume I'm developing ebXML gateway which is configurable with
> BPSS and do some business process management staff for me.
> BusinessTransaction/RespondingActivity can have more than one
> DocumentEnvelope. If the gateway receives a message for DocumentEnvelope
> with isPositiveResponse="false", the BusinessTransaction must fail.
> In order to determine completion state of a BusinessTransaction, the
> gateway must identify which DocumentEnvelope it received.
> Question is, which information from BPSS gives me a key to identify
> DocumentEnvelope? Transport (ebMS) can pass many information up to BP
> manager. Which of them are used to identify DocumentEnvelope and Where
> is it specified in the BPSS? This is so important that there should be
> some 'standard' way.
> I found that BusinessDocument has conditionExpression. BPSS spec says
> this conditionExpression "determines whether this is a valid business
> document for its envelope." Is this it?
> Thanks in advance
> Kenji Nagahashi
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