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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] RNIF vs ebXML


> So, here is my (possibly stupid) marketing question for the group.
> Is there another version of RNIF planned; and if so, is the intention 
to migrate the Rosettanet framework to the ebXML architecture ?

Yes, RosettaNet has announced that they are going to adopt ebMS in 
future release of RNIF (=3.0). You can find ebXML's press release at:


But question is when will be the 'future'... Many of RosettaNet trading 
partners still uses RNIF 1.0 and apparently they are mostly satisfied 
with it. There's no good reason for RosettaNet to develop RNIF 3.0 very 
soon (even if it is as simple as defining ebXML binding).

Kenji Nagahashi

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