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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Distributive ebXML Grid Meeting - Sydney Australia

Dear All,

I'm pleased to announce and invite interested attendees to the Distributive
ebXML Grid meeting in Sydney Australia to be held on Tuesday 20th of August
at 3:00pm till 5:00pm.

We will be demonstrating the Distributive ebXML Grid concept, which is
loosely based on existing ebXML work such as BPSS, UDDI, Core Components,
Message Handling services and also a significant influence from  X.500/LDAP.

Those who might find this of interest will be technical people, business
analysts and those looking to see how ebXML can work for potentially large 
numbers medium and small sized enterprises. This meeting is definitely for 
those interested in pushing networking technology and the internet to the 
limits to see what it can do. Light refreshments will also be served.

The idea behind the concept was to build a Distributive computer grid or
circuit based on/for ebXML to take advantage of dialup, broadband and wireless
connections for the ever increasing capabilities of the modern PC. The
vision for the project is to one day interconnect tens of thousands of
business computers on an ebXML grid. On demonstration will be some 256-bit,
2048-bit and 8192-bit encryption/decryption software for those who are
security conscious.

A live demonstration of the Grid in it's present form with just a few
computers will be provided and those bringing along a notebook with a
network card may wish to take part.

Those wishing to come along can reply to this email or contact Richard
O'Brien at Beyond Commerce on +61(0) 407 666-705 or myself on +61 (0) 
2-9319-0719 to reserve a place.

The address details are:

Distributive ebXML Grid Meeting
Level 3, 53 Balfour Street
Chippendale, Sydney NSW

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