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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Distributive ebXML Grid Meeting - Sydney Australia

A small correction to David's posting. UDDI is not currently , nor has it ever
been, part of ebXML.

ebXML indeed does provide a registry specification known as OASIS ebXML Registry
V2 which has been approved as an OASIS standard.

ebXML Registry V3 works-in-progress provide support for cooperating ebXML Registry
topologies that are based on a loosely coupled P2P federation model. The use cases
support the Distributive ebXML Grid concept very well. For a preview of this work
please see:


Although the proposal is not yet in public review, we appreciate your comments on
the regrep-cooperating mailing list.

David Lyon wrote:

> We will be demonstrating the Distributive ebXML Grid concept, which is
> loosely based on existing ebXML work such as BPSS, UDDI, Core Components,
> Message Handling services and also a significant influence from  X.500/LDAP.


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