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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Suggestions


There is a free download of ebXML MSH 2.0 with source at

Feel free to send me an email if you cannot find it.

This should get you started from a messaging perspective.


"Eckenfels. Bernd" wrote:

> Well,
> you can try to get your hands onto an implementation and play around. OR
> you can find a custoemr and convince them to do a pilot or small project.
> We will soon offer an "public" reachable Message Handler, so you can
> exchange data with us. You could use any ebXML implementation, not sure
> if there are some working free ones yet.
> Greetings
> Bernd
> taylorjg wrote:
> > Hello Everyone,
> >
> > I'm in the process of familiarizing myself with ebXML. I've read ebXML
> > Foundations and I'm trying to determine how I can get some practical
> > experience. Does anyone have any suggestions?
> >
> > Jim Taylor
> > e-biz Consultant
> > 614-833-6215
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