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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] ebXML compliant JAXM Remote Provider

Thanks Duane, this confirms what i thought, and i'm pleased to see that
implementors are starting to take up JAXM. Having a standard interface
to 3rd party MHs makes life so much easier for us system developers, even
if JAXM is, eh, not (yet) perfect.
I've looked around for current information on the DGI-testing, but haven't
come up with much more than the original call for participation. anyone
aware of any news in this area? when is it scheduled to run until?



On Tue, 3 Sep 2002, Duane Nickull wrote:

> Martin:
> JAXM describes the interface to the messaging functionality from an
> programmers perspective.  JAXM was built originally for an XMLRPC
> successor called SOAP but has also been modified to handle ebXML
> messages too.  The ideology is that anyone who builds up a Sun One
> runtime stack potects their IT investment in cases where they decide to
> replace one vendors messaging software with another ones' messaging
> software, since if they both use the same Java API,  they should be
> largely interoperable.  This makes a lot of sense to most people.
> Sun Microsystems has an ebXML MHS implementation that is currently going
> through the Drummond Group Interoperability tests, along with 8 other
> companies.  I would guess that Sun may fine tune JAXM as a post
> testing procedure to ensure that it meets the needs of ebXML Messaging
> software.  Our company is planning to implement a JAXM interface to our
> ebXML MHS product.  This is on the product requirements list for our
> next release which will also be post- DGI testing.
> I would ask Farrukh @ sun for more details on any current
> implementations.
> Duane

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