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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Announcing the ebXML Demonstrator

I got this error :

Collaborative Business Demonstrator - Error

Please view the GigaTS ebXML demonstrator with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher.


Maarten Steen wrote:
The dream of most e-business visionaries is not to have to worry about
technology anymore. Plug and play e-business applications. No more
national frontiers, but global markets. Focus on opportunities, trading
partners and new, innovative products and services.

The goal of most e-business research and development is to provide the
infrastructure to realize the dream of the visionaries.

One of the major efforts is the ebXML proposition: to create a common
e-business infrastructure with a coherent set of standards for
messaging, core components, and processes.

Now go to: http://ebxml.demo.telin.nl/

This demonstrator shows how ebXML works. It shows how companies will
find each other, propose and complete business transactions in an
automated way. During the demonstration the viewer learns about the
different components in ebXML and their position in the ebXML framework.
Therefore this demonstrator should rather be called an explanator.

The goal of the demonstrator is not merely to demonstrate the concepts
of ebXML, but rather to demonstrate in general what infrastructure is
necessary to realize the visionary dream of fully automated e-business.
Moreover, it aims at provoking discussions on what business decisions
and opportunities remain in this automated world, hence pinpointing the
essence of future (e-)business.

The collaborative business demonstrator is a product of

Telematica Instituut
P.O. Box 589
7500 AN Enschede
The Netherlands
Internet: www.telin.nl
Email: nb@telin.nl

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Stefano Pogliani
Senior Integration Architect
XML Web Services & Industry Initiatives
SUN Microsystems

Phone :
Email :

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