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Subject: [ebxml-dev] CPA Formation


can anybody help me? I'm trying to programm an automated "negotiation tool"
and at the moment I compare 2 CPPs in order to create a CPA.
The problem is, that for me it is inexplicit, where certain rules have to be
deposed to create a generic tool which can deal with any possible business
processes and the appendant actions (e. g. PIP3A4 from Rosettanet with the
dependant action bindings). Is it necessary to have a storage or something
for each possible business process ?
Or in other words:
Is there a repository / another XML-specifications for something like
mapping rules? E.g. <Buyer> has to correspond with the role <seller> however
both partners have to support the same transmission protocol. Where can I
derive this information from?

Thanks in advance

Regine Schilling

Regine Schilling
Fraunhofer IAO
Nobelstrasse 12
70569 Stuttgart
Tel.: +49 7 11/9 70-51 50
Fax.: +49 7 11/9 70-51 11
E-Mail: Regine.Schilling@iao.fhg.de

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