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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Object versioning for registry objects

The ebXML registry V2.1 provides metadata and lifecycle support for 
object versioning but does not currently require or define how 
registries must do object versioning. Today, registries may implement 
object versioning in registry specific manner using the metadata defined 
(majorVersion, minorVersion).

Version 3 work items do not include support for Object Versioning.

Predicting a roadmap I would say:

-Today we see some ebXML Registries supporting some V3 features [1]

-In December 2002 we will see ebXML registries with more complete V3 support

-The earliest we are likely to see V4 support in an ebXML registry is 
around April 2003.

If anyone would like to influence ebXML V3, V4 I encourage you to get 
involved with the ebXML Registry TC [2]. We would really liek to get 
more user input in the development of the future spec versions.

[1] Support for V3 Content-based Discovery feature in ebxmlrr Open 
Source ebXMl V2.1 registry


[2] http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/regrep/

Hasta Luego,

klee1703@pacbell.net wrote:

>Hola amigos,
>can anyone tell me what the current status is regarding object versioning
>for ebXML registry objects?  Will this be provided in the next version of
>the spec?  What's the road map?, etc., thanks
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