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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] ebXML DTDs

Hi Kezban,

Musaogullari, Kezban (GXS, GE Tradanet) je napisal:

> It would be better if I explain what I want to do... I have a new 
> client who wants to exhange data (such as ORDERS, DESADV and INVOIC 
> with their trading partners. Our company is distributing General 
> Electric - Global Exchange Services products and services in Turkey 
> and provides services in Electronic Commerce.. We are using EDIFACT 
> standards to exchange data between our customers and their partners.. 
> But new client, who is leader in pharmacy sector, wants to exchange 
> data with trading partners using ebXML standards.
We are working too on B2B for a major Slovenian pharmaceutical 
distributor who wants to connect its suppliers electronically. We 
proposed them to go with ebXML and they agree. But we have more problems 
choosing the most appropriate XML schemas and there are just too much 
choices currently. By my opinion, it is not yet clear  which schemas 
will prevail.

Anyway,  we decided to go with EAN Business schemas (OAGI schemas were 
our second choice). We will try to  support the so called Simpl-eb 
(simple e-business) philosophy, but exactly because of simplicity there 
will be a lot of persuading of all involved. Also, Simple-eb needs a 
strict identification of items with GTIN numbers (that is,  EAN 
barcodes), but that is at least in Europe mostly in place already.

We will start a pilot project until end of year and anyone willing to 
participate with suggestions is very welcome.

Best regards

Janko Mivsek
Systems Architect
EraNova d.o.o.
Ljubljana, Slovenia

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