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Subject: [ebxml-dev] ebIOP

Dear All,

I'd like to introduce my ebXML software, ebIOP-An ebXML Compliant B2B Interoperability Platform.
The software provides a common architecture for ebXML components. It contains a
server and one or more ebXML components that are implementations
of ebXML specifications or a client to an implementation of an ebXML specification (e.g., ebXML Registry Client) running on the server. The platform contains
following components:

  * B2B Server Component executes ebXML business processes (implements ebXML Business Process Specification Version 1.0.1).
  * ebXML Registry Client Component handles ebXML Registry requests.
  * ebXML Messaging Service Handler Component handles communication among ebXML Components (implements the ebXML Messaging Service Specification Version 2.0,
 JAXM compliant).
  The system also provides an ebXML Registry Service that implements ebXML Registry Information Model Version 2.1 and ebXML Registry Service Specification Version 2.1.

  The software could be downloaded from http://www.ceng.metu.edu.tr/~e102830/ebXML


  Yusuf Tambag.

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