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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] ebIOP


This is very good news. Congratulations!

Can you tell us some details about the "ebXML Registry Client Component"?

Does it make use of the JAXR API? If not I would be interested in 
reasons that prevented use of JAXR API.

Lastly do you have a test registry operational somewhere? If not, would 
you consider having METU host an ebXML Registry.




>Dear All,
>I'd like to introduce my ebXML software, ebIOP-An ebXML Compliant B2B Interoperability Platform.
>The software provides a common architecture for ebXML components. It contains a
>server and one or more ebXML components that are implementations
>of ebXML specifications or a client to an implementation of an ebXML specification (e.g., ebXML Registry Client) running on the server. The platform contains
>following components:
>  * B2B Server Component executes ebXML business processes (implements ebXML Business Process Specification Version 1.0.1).
>  * ebXML Registry Client Component handles ebXML Registry requests.
>  * ebXML Messaging Service Handler Component handles communication among ebXML Components (implements the ebXML Messaging Service Specification Version 2.0,
> JAXM compliant).
>  The system also provides an ebXML Registry Service that implements ebXML Registry Information Model Version 2.1 and ebXML Registry Service Specification Version 2.1.
>  The software could be downloaded from http://www.ceng.metu.edu.tr/~e102830/ebXML
>  Regards,
>  Yusuf Tambag.
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