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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] ebXML applications

Regis Dubois wrote:

> Keep in mind that the registry is mainly for search purposes (with 
> abilities to filter on company types, or services).
> If you really want to use a registry for free, try to use the ebxmlrr 
> one, which now quite easy to install. You might also use the cecid 
> implementation of the ebMS.

To add to Regis's points....

The URL for royalty free Open SOurce ebXML Registry project named 
ebxmlrr see:


One other often overlooked pint is that a registry is much more than 
just for publish/discovery of companies/services/CPPs/CPAs.
In all the customers that use ebxmlrr, very few are using it for those 
purposes only. The 3 biggest reasons people use an ebXML Registry are:

-It can store arbitrary content

-It can perform content validation and cataloging (V3 features available 
in ebxmlrr)

-It supports powerful ad hoc queries using SQL 92 and XML filter query 
syntax (as opposed to fixed parameterized queries)

-It supports strong security features based on digital signatures

In version 3 we are adding several other compelling features such as:

-Support for cooperating registry federations

-Content-based event notification

-REST interface to registry (pure HTTP interface in addition to existing 
SOAP and ebXMl Messaging interfaces)

The ebxmlrr project also comes with a client module which provides:

-A JAXR ( http://java.sun.com/xml/jaxr ) provider for ebXML Registries 
for simplified standards-based Java API access to ebXML Registries

-A Full-featured Swing based ebXML Registry Browser


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