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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Real-world ebXML scenarios

Hi All,

Just one quick question... I am currently in university and have been
keenly following ebXML including the discussions on this list; however, I
am having trouble connecting the dots... can anyone give me a scenario of
how ebMS (signing/reliable messaging etc) benefits or even comes into
play in a company or say two companies conducting a business transaction.
I think that since I am in university it is tough for me to fathom how,
say reliable messaging, is such a big thing... I use email to get in
touch with people and there is no need for things like reliability or
signing etc. (and if security is a concern there is always PGP for email)
For example Neil could you elaborate a little for me on your statement:

"certainly here in the Gas industry it has been a startling success"

How has it transformed business interactions in the gas industry?

Thanks VERY much for any insights!


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