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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Question on Routing a Payload to Biz Transaction Activity


I have two questions regarding payloads destined for a BTA.

1. In the ebCPP/A specs, can we specify the Action Context element for 
following biz actions? :
        business action =  ReceiptAcknowledgment
        business action =  AcceptanceAcknowledgment
        business action =  Exception
The examples indicate that there is no ActionContext for actions 
carrying business signals.

If the examples are correct then,
How does CPA specify that a ReceiptAcknowledgement is intended for
a specific business transaction? For Business Action Messages,
ActionContext can be used, or in absence of ActionContext we can
simply use the fact that actionName is unique within a 
But for signals this actionName is "ReceiptAcknowledgment" ,
"AcceptanceAcknowledgment", "Exception". This means no routing
information is available for routing signals to correct business 

Also, What exactly "OriginalMessageIdentifier" and 
"OriginalDocumentIdentifier" stand for in the Business signal XSD ?

2. Can attachments and primary document in a document envelope have same 
If yes, how to differentiate the two given that a payload in lower ebXML 
stack(i.e. in MSH Message) has no attribute stating that
it is an attachment or primary document.

Thanks in advance,

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