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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Business Process Catalog

Hi Patrick,

Please see my response below. I am also attaching the UN/CEFACT (ebTWG) CBPC project charter http://www.ebtwg.org/projects/documentation/cbpc/ppcbpc.html

as well as the ebXML Common Business Process Catalog technical report http://www.ebxml.org/specs/bpPROC.pdf that was released to the public in May 2001.


- Nita


 Patrick Yee <kcyee@cecid.hku.hk> wrote:

Dear ebXML experts,
As far as I understand, ebXML BPSS is just a schema for specifying business processes. There is no concrete specification of real-world BPs, compared with what RosettaNet PIPs do. If I am correct, I would like to ask:
1. Is the project Common Business Process Catalog of UN/CEFACT doing studies on this topic?
> Yes we are doing studies on this topic. Under UN/CEFACT one of the charters for CBPC is "Enumerated catalog content entries based on examples from Automotive, Retail, Electronics and other industries ".  We are currently working with EAN-UCC and BOEING to populate the catalog with some examples. It is the charter of the Domain experts in UN/CEFACT  to model the business processes. BPSS will be one of the various formats used to define those business processes.
2. Where can I have more information about the project?
If you are interested, you could join the project and we could share the technical specification with you in its draft format. Contact me personally.
3. Are there any other initiatives?
There are various initiatives under various standards going on including EAN-UCC, SWIFT, AIA, OAG, DISA etc..
4. If memory serves, I remember that someone is transforming RosettaNet PIPs to BPSS format, is that true? Will that be a competing standard to what Common Business Process Catalog does?
> UN/CEFACT is ultimately going to define the global library of business processes. It will also show cross references between the various standards. CBPC will contribute towards this initiative. Since Rosettanet is currently under UCC and EAN-UCC is a member of UN/CEFACT, the question of competing standard does not arise.
Thank you all in advance. 
Regards, -Patrick
Patrick Yee
System Architect
Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID)
Dept. of Computer Science and Information Systems
The University of Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 22415674
Fax: (852) 25474611

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