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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Rescheduling the ebXML Show & Tell

Response to the recent announcement of a "Show & Tell" for ebXML
software vendors indicates that the larger vendors have already
acquired the competitive information they need through
participation in ebXML standards activities (in particular, the
various ebXML interop projects currently underway) and would
prefer to allocate their limited travel budgets to participation
in a broader event designed to showcase pilot projects and include
potential customers.  We are therefore canceling the small
vendors-only meeting previously set for 25 November 2002 and are
planning instead to organize a more broadly scoped event to be
held in the February-March 2003 time frame.  In addition to
including a wider audience, this will also allow us to work more
closely with the ebXML Marketing Committee and to line up
presentations by early adopters.

I would like to thank both the vendors who offered to present at
the Show & Tell and those who responded with suggestions for a
larger event for their interest and support.  You can be sure that
we will be back to you for your input on planning the revised

Jon Bosak
Sun ONE Application Integration Server Platforms

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