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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] ebXML software requirements

Tony Slosar wrote:

 > I am just starting to learn how to implement ebXML for the
 > purposes of demonstrating how small to medium suppliers can
 > use it to transact BODs with their Trading Partners.

Just got started, too.

 > I would assume this would all run on a Windows platform as
 > that is what a lot of the smaller guys have available. Tomcat
 > seems like a big monster!

Installing Tomcat is a simple click & point operation on Windows. 
However, if you want to put it up on a production machine, I guess 
you'll spend considerable time setting it up securely.

 > Doesn't sound like "...enterprises of any size..." - has
 > anyone done a study on the costs of technical consultants to
 > implement this at a site that doesn't have expertise in Java,
 > database, app servers, and mail servers?

I believe what you are quoting there probably refers to the whole 
spectrum of ebXML solutions, commercial and non-commercial. You might be 
better of with a commercial product.

I used to work for a company that sold a product based on a J2EE 
application server. Setting up the product on the customer site and 
integrating it into their environment usually took more than a man 
month. Open source, non-commercial projects tend to require the user to 
spend more time with the product.


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