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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] OAGIS Core Components


The Open Applications Group has a Core Components effort that all are
welcome to join.  The purpose of this project is to harmonize the UNCEFACT
CC to the most widely implemented library of XML Business Messages today,
OAGIS, which is LIVE IN OVER 40 COUNTRIES TODAY.  You can learn more about
this project and join by clicking here:

If you are interested in a real solution that is rich, mature, and
implementable today, we encourage you to implement at OAGIS.  It is freely
usable and open to all and it is downloadable here:

The Open Applications Group also has a tremendous White Paper describing how
to implement OAGIS with ebXML.  You can download the document here:

Thanks and we look forward to even more of you implementing OAGIS within the
ebXML Environment.

David C.

David M. Connelly
President and CEO
Open Applications Group, Inc.
email: dconnelly@openapplications.org
voice: +1 770 980 3418

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