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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Core Components

Another core-component-related effort to define a common business
vocabulary is UBL:


The OASIS UBL TC grew out of ebXML and is a sibling of the OASIS
TCs responsible for ebXML messaging, ebXML CPP/CPA, and ebXML
Registry/Repository.  As befits its origins, UBL is very closely
aligned with the ebXML Core Components work; the vice-chair of the
UBL TC, Mark Crawford, is the editor of the Core Components
Technical Specification, and recent technical input to the CCTS
from the UBL Naming and Design Rules Subcommittee (see
http://oasis-open.org/committees/ubl/ndrsc) has resulted in
significant improvements to the current draft of that

Other features that differentiate the UBL effort from similar
efforts include the following:

 - Specifically designed for B2B rather than EAI

 - Intended for the exchange of legal documents, not just
   procedure calls

 - Both human-readable and machine-readable

 - Compatible with existing EDI systems

 - Based on UN, OASIS, and W3C specifications

 - Closely aligned from inception with ebXML Core Components

 - Nonproprietary and royalty-free

 - Developed in a completely open, public, accountable standards
   process with a limited life span (work past the initial release
   is intended to continue in an international standards
   organization such as ISO, ITU, or UN/CEFACT)

 - Intended for normative status under international law

The work of the UBL TC and its subcommittees is open to public
view; see in particular the archives at


A number of industry data exchange organizations have established
formal liaisons with the UBL TC; for a current list, see


Any corporate or individual OASIS member can become a voting
member of the OASIS UBL TC.  Individual OASIS memberships,
available through the OASIS web site, are USD 250 a year.
Anyone with an OASIS membership who wishes to obtain voting
membership in the UBL TC should contact me:


Jon Bosak

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