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Subject: RE: [ebXML-dev] UBL versus OAGI BODs?


Thanks for all the info....but maybe I didn't pose my question as specifically as 
I should have.

How much overlap in payload documents is there between UBL and OAG 
BOD's?  Let's leave off the question of what fine-grained components these 
documents are built from (CC's), or the political structures of the organizations, 
since my interest is regarding the actual business documents themselves.

I know that OAG provides XML schema definitions (BODs) for documents like 
Purchase Orders, ASN's, Invoices and more.  

Does UBL provide similar document schemas?  And if so, how much overlap 
is there in the offerings?  If there is an overlap, how compatible would a UBL 
PO be with an OAG PO BOD?  If there is a significant overlap, it raises the 
question of why we need two document standards?

Or has UBL delivered only CC's which are the fine-grained building blocks that 
can (should) be used to create complete business documents?


......Andrzej (without enough time to go an research UBL deliverables)

> Good question.  OAGIS has a core component working team that you can join
> by going here:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OAGI-CoreComponents/
> Both OAGIS XML and UBL will be contributing their core component work to
> UN/CEFACT.  Both are built by not-for-profit consortiums with open
> processes and Royalty-Free IP Policies.
> UBL is quite new as you know, and OAGI has been building their library of
> core components since 1995 and have customers running OAGIS XML live in at
> least 40 countries around the world.  OAGIS XML is a solution today for
> thousands of users and is quite rich in functionality.  OAGIS XML is
> perhaps the leading business language for ebXML implementations today and
> is being deployed all over the world as such.
> OAGI has been working with ebXML & UN/CEFACT since ebXML was formed as UBL
> is now working with UN/CEFACT.  OAGIS donated their entire body of OAGIS
> XML work to ebXML in 2001 and OAGIS was recently elected as a
> Participating International User Group to the MoU on e-Business Standards,
> which is run by the four worlds de jure standards bodies.  UBL's parent
> organization is also a part of the user group like OAGIS.
> Although there seems to be overlap in the efforts, usually the more smart
> people working on something the better and as UN/CEFACT moves towards
> harmonizing CC efforts, both OAGIS XML and UBL will make their
> contributions, along with others who choose to do so.

Andrzej Jan Taramina
Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions

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