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Subject: RE: [ebXML-dev] UBL versus OAGI BODs?

What do you think the mechanism is that results in congruency? Do they fight
it out in the market place until one becomes out of fashion? Is there a
standards forum where it is resolved?

Is it not so that in the absence or until convergence, there will need to be
a lot of middleware that converts between the two?

Marty Burns

-----Original Message-----
From: Todd Boyle [mailto:tboyle@rosehill.net]
Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2003 1:57 PM
To: Michael Rowell; andrzej@chaeron.com
Cc: Ebxml-Dev@Lists. Ebxml. Org
Subject: RE: [ebXML-dev] UBL versus OAGI BODs?

At 10:23 AM 2/6/2003, Michael Rowell wrote:

>OAGIS has a rich library of components based on a much larger set of
>messages that have been developed and tuned based on feedback from actual
>implementations over the last many years. Our component library is quite
>comprehensive because it has developed over the years with support for
>many scenarios and messages.

There is a set of real phenomena lets call that the universal set.

There are particular phenomena within that set.

Certain of these phenomena are discretely identifiable, i.e. complexity is
not unbounded.

Certain phenomena recur so widely that they are economic to model.

If:     OAGIS models a certain subset of real phenomena,
and:     UBL models a certain subset of real phenomena,
and:     The selection of phenomena for modeling and implementation obeys
the same economics,
then:     we will expect that the subsets probably overlap.

and:     If the phenomena selected for modeling do not substantially
then:     The subset of phenomena selected for modeling by either OAGIS, or
UBL, or both, has not been optimal.
or:    Perhaps, the two selection processes have pursued different economic
bases (revenue models).

In any case,

If:     The model for a particular phenomenon within OAGIS is not congruent
with the model within UBL,
then:     The model for that phenomenon within either OAGIS, or UBL, or
both, is not accurate, to that extent.

Since:  We know for a fact that OAGIS and UBL modeled numerous phenomena
Then:     They are either modeling different phenomena, for example
supporting different industries or vendor communities,
OR:    The model for that phenomenon, within either OAGIS, or UBL, or both,
is not accurate.

In conclusion I regard these projects as extremely worthwhile, well done,
and the best hope for humanity.

One doesn't have to be a genius to see, the models are going to be
congruent, somewhere down the road.

Keep up the good work!


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