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ebxml-dev message

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Quoting from the CPPA spec,

Business signals, when sent individually (i.e., not bundled with
response documents in synchronous reply mode), SHALL use the values
ReceiptAcknowledgment, AcceptanceAcknowledgment, or Exception as the
value of their action attribute. In addition, they SHOULD specify a
Service that is the same as the Service used for the original message.
NOTE: In general, the action name chosen by the two parties to represent
a particular requesting business activity or responding business
activity in the context of a Binary Collaboration that makes use of
nested BinaryCollaborations MAY not be identical. Therefore, when
composing two CPPs to form a CPA, it is necessary to make use of
information from the associated ActionContext (see Section 8.4.16) in
order to determine if two different action names from the two CPPs
actually represent the same ActionContext. When business transactions
are not reused in different contexts, it is recommended that the names
of the requesting business activity and responding business activity be
used as action names."

This is CPA snippet corresponding to ReceiptAcknowledgement



> "Thambi Rajah, Terence" wrote:
> Hi All,
>     >From the ebMS specification, Acknowledgment messages are denoted
> with an Action value of "Acknowledgment". From what I understand, BPSS
> specifies a further 2 acknowledgments i.e. Receipt Acknowledgment and
> Acceptance Acknowledgment. I would like to know the Action values for
> these 2 acknowledgments wwhen composing an ebXML message? This is not
> specified in the ebMS specs. My guess is that the action values would
> be ReceiptAcknowledgment and AcceptanceAcknowledgment respectively.
> Can anybody verify this with me?
> Cheers........

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