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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Process Mapping and Business Specifications inthee-Business Age


I'd like to please provide some quick comments on your very good

(1) pp.6/7 - You reference 4 specific OASIS TC's, (out of approximately
50) but it is not clear from reading the article why these 4 were

(2) p.7 - You reference OASIS Sponsor fees; I don't believe the fees you
present are correct (without saying any more). You may consider not
including this information, as (to my knowledge) OASIS does not include
it on their Web site.

(3) p.9 - You briefly mention registries as holding CPP's (which is
correct); as you probably know, ebXML Registry's capabilities are much
greater than that. Recommend you mention the full range of ebXML
Registry's capabilities, meaning that it can also store XML Schemas,
DTD's, etc. (refer to ebXML Registry Information Model spec from
Registry TC site for more info). Along with CPP's and CPA's, XML Schemas
(or DTDs) are important in that they define the "data contract" between
the trading partners (plus more).

Kind Regards,
Joe Chiusano
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
Member, OASIS/ebXML Registry TC
Member, OASIS E-Government TC

> Paul Hayes wrote:
> Dear ebXML List Colleagues
> Anybody willing to run an eye over this draft article before I do any
> very final improvements and send off a draft to the magazine
> publisher. It is for the UK Quality World monthly magazine of the
> Institute of Quality Assurance. A lot of these people have become very
> expert at defining businesses' management systeme, procedures and
> processes but aren't at all aware of the likely impact of ebXML or
> even it's existence.
> My brief is:-
> "I envisage an article which looks at:
> * why process mapping is important - and why it is increasingly so in
> today's business environment.
> * a brief overview on where process mapping has been and what it is
> now becoming
> * explains what business process specifications are
> * outlines the emerging global e-business standards
> * how these will effect business? Should organizations get to grips
> with their processes now?
> Any advice or anecdotal experience you have to offer would also help
> illustrate the article. The article can be between 1,500-2,000 words
> long. The deadline is the 7 March (though we can give a few days grace
> if this is too tight for you) and we would like a photograph of
> yourself and a short biography.
> You can e-mail the article directly to me. You will get final sign off
> of the article before we go to press."
> Any comments very gratefully received.
> Any permissions that you think I need I would be grateful to have
> flagged up.
> Yours, Paul Hayes
> Paul Hayes
> 127 Deanburn
> Penicuik
> Midlothian EH26 0JA
> UK
> Tel: 01968 673968
>                                                                                    Name: Process Mapping and
>                                                                                          Business Process
>                                                                                          Specifications in
>    Process Mapping and Business Process Specifications in thee-Business Age.doc          thee-Business Age.doc
>                                                                                    Type: Microsoft Word
>                                                                                          Document
>                                                                                          (application/msword)
>                                                                                Encoding: BASE64

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