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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Availability of extended OAG to ebXML BPSS Process Library

Title: Message
I have read the excellent paper, OAGIS Implementation Using the ebXML CPP, CPA and BPSS specifications v1.0, written by Jean-Jacques Dubray where he models (divides) a OAG BOD into a ebXML BPSS.  This document demonstrates this process using the BOD scenario 55.  I wondering (actually hoping) if someone out in the community can point me to a larger or perhaps complete library of OAG BOD's to BPSS models?  Please refer to the project scope below for the context of this question.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.
I am working on a project for the Australian government to create a prototype e-Business framework to a great extent around all the ebXML standards.  As part of the design criteria we are expressing the need to have a separation between public process and both public (registry) and private system architecture.  It will consist of a working pilot ebXML rr as well as a prototype SME toolkit that is envisaged to feature an ebXML message handler, a business service interface, and a BPM to manage the private process.  As such we are trying to demonstrate to industry the importance and value of a solid library of public processes as well as an established methodology to create new processes or modify existing ones.
Best regards,
Harry Moyer
Red Wahoo
Melbourne Australia

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