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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Availability of extended OAG to ebXML BPSS ProcessLibrary

Harry Moyer wrote:

> All,
> I have read the excellent paper, OAGIS Implementation Using the ebXML 
> CPP, CPA and BPSS specifications v1.0, written by Jean-Jacques Dubray 
> where he models (divides) a OAG BOD into a ebXML BPSS.  This document 
> demonstrates this process using the BOD scenario 55.  I wondering 
> (actually hoping) if someone out in the community can point me to a 
> larger or perhaps complete library of OAG BOD's to BPSS models?  
> Please refer to the project scope below for the context of this question.
> Thanks in advance for your assistance.
> I am working on a project for the Australian government to create a 
> prototype e-Business framework to a great extent around all the ebXML 
> standards.  As part of the design criteria we are expressing the need 
> to have a separation between public process and both public (registry) 
> and private system architecture.  It will consist of a working pilot 
> ebXML rr

Hi Harry,

I have been long wanting to collaborate with OAGIS to define an OAGIS 
binding to ebXML Registry. As you probably know, ebXML Registry defines 
an extensible information model that allows domain specific information 
models such as OAGIS to be mapped to it using a domain specific binding. 
At the heart of such a binding would be a Content Cataloging Service 
(that uses an XSLT style sheet). This Cataloging service automatically 
generates ebXML Registry metadata whenever an OAGIS artifact (e.g. BOD) 
is submitted to the registry.

The result of such an OAGIS binding to ebXML Registry is that:

-An ebXML Registry can be used to manage OAGIS BODs

-OAGIS specific, semantic validation rules may be enforced by the 
registry whenever an OAGIS artifact is submitted to the registry. For 
example the semantic rule may be enforced that a BOD must have a certain 
specified "environment" attribute in order to be accepted.

-Custom ad hoc BOD specific queries may be defined to discover 
appropriate OAG BODs. An example might be:
    "Find all BODs that have a certain name pattern, were created within 
a certain time period (based upon 
oag:ApplicationArea/oag:CreationDateTime) and in a certain language 
(lang attribute of BOD)".

Some of above work is already prototyped in the ebxmlrr [1] project and 
may be seen at [2].

I have not had time to do justice to this task. If anyone within OAGIS 
or elsewhere is interested in taking ownership of such a binding then I 
offer to help. The resulting binding could be a white paper, an OAGIS 
specification, an ebXML Registry Best Practice papers and could also be 
the basis for a pilot project.

[1] Open Source ebXML Registry Implementation

[2] Prototype binding of OAGIS to ebXML Registry  


> as well as a prototype SME toolkit that is envisaged to feature an 
> ebXML message handler, a business service interface, and a BPM to 
> manage the private process.  As such we are trying to demonstrate to 
> industry the importance and value of a solid library of public 
> processes as well as an established methodology to create new 
> processes or modify existing ones.
> Best regards,
> Harry Moyer
> Red Wahoo
> Melbourne Australia

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