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Highlights of the changes between BPSS 1.01 and 1.1

Title: Highlights of the changes between BPSS 1.01 and 1.1


I doubt that anyone at the TMG has any idea about what has changed in the document (Someone from this organization could probably answer that the copyright notice has changed, the title also and the name of the contributors and editing team was removed as a punishment (yes I have an email that says this from an official of the TMG !!)). I actually have to re-read it myself as the Chair of the TMG has not found useful to notify the editor of the specification that a) it was published and b) the changes that were made to it.

Speaking from 1.01 quite a few changes have been made (from the 1.05 version (which was not a spec) very few changes have been made). The main goal of 1.1 was to correct the bugs identified in 1.01

From 1.01:
- The dependency on UMM is pretty much gone, i.e. nothing has been done to keep it in synch with UMM as it featured bugs that we had to correct and the UMM team did not want to.

- Business Tranaction Protocol: NOF is gone, replaced by an Acceptance Acknowledgment on the response. It should greatly improve the throughput of the protocol

- The exception model has been cleaned up and made consistent (hopefully). 1.01 was a disaster.
- For re-usability purposes a lot of the BT attributes have been moved to the BTA level
- MCP has been cleaned up and explained, I think it works now (it was working before, but I think it was not clearly explained)

- Cleanup the control flow: notions like isConcurrent, allow a BTA to happen any number of times, added a time out on the fork, added a decision box

- Added the support for namespaces and multiple schema specifications for Business Document formats.
- Added a lot more explanations (e.g. fig 17) to promote interoperability
- We have tried to make things backwards compatible as much as we could (at least with 1.05). I apologize in advance if you find something that breaks (I did test it with 1.05).

Overall I think that that ebXML BPSS 1.1 constitutes and excellent business collaboration framework. I hope that you will make the most use out of it. As usual, feedback (good or bad) is always welcomed.

Should you have any questions, feel free to send them along.

Some people and myself will publish in a couple of weeks a paper that articulates how Orchestration, Choreography, Protocols and Collaboration are layered. That should also give you a good reason to implement BPSS today.

See you in OASIS ebBP TC for the next version !

Truly yours,

tel: 425-649-6584
Cell: 508-333-7634

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-----Original Message-----
From: Andrzej Jan Taramina [mailto:andrzej@chaeron.com]
Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2003 7:02 AM
To: ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
Cc: knaujok@attglobal.net
Subject: Re: UN/CEFACT announces release of its ebXML Business Process Specification Schema V1.1

Klaus announced with breathless anticipation:

> UN/CEFACT announces release of its ebXML Business Process
> Specification
> Schema V1.1

How about a quick synopsis of what's new/changed in V1.1?  That would be very
useful, rather than having to comb through a detailed spec doc.

Andrzej Jan Taramina
Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions http://www.chaeron.com

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