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Re: UN/CEFACT announces release of its ebXML Business Process Specification Schema V1.1

On Saturday, Oct 18, 2003, at 07:02 US/Pacific, Andrzej Jan Taramina  

> How about a quick synopsis of what's new/changed in V1.1?  That would  
> be very
> useful, rather than having to comb through a detailed spec doc.

The best I can do for now is to point you to the comments log that  
contains the dispositions (changes). It is rather big, but gives a full  
account what was added/changed and what is passed on for resolving in  
later versions.

The URL is  


Klaus-Dieter Naujok                         UN/CEFACT/TMG Chair
Global e-Business Advisory Council            Principal Advisor
Business: www.ge-bac.com        Personal: www.klaus.naujok.name
TMG: www.untmg.org                           BCF: www.unbcf.org

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