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UN/CEFACT Position Statement on ebXML

Geneva, Switzerland, October 20, 2003 - Since its establishment in 1997 
UN/CEFACT has consistently advocated and pursued adoption of a 
technology- and implementation-neutral eBusiness strategy. In 1999 
UN/CEFACT initiated the ebXML (eBusiness with XML) project. OASIS was 
subsequently invited to join the initiative as a partner. The project 
goal was to produce an XML standard that delivered both business 
content and a technology interface in a consistent and reproducible 

The ebXML intensive development stage successfully concluded in May 
2001 with the development of foundational technical specifications and 
reports. Since then UN/CEFACT and OASIS have continued collaborative 
development of the original specifications, coordinated by a Joint 
Coordination Committee (JCC).

In May 2003 the UN/CEFACT Plenary recognized the successful completion 
of the ebXML technical infrastructure work and endorsed the ebXML 
specifications to allow implementation.

Acknowledging the successful conclusion of this joint work, UN/CEFACT 
felt that the original goals of this initial phase had been achieved 
and that all open items would be realized in the very near future. 
Hence, UN/CEFACT felt its primary focus should return to providing 
technology- and implementation-neutral solutions so as to fully exploit 
its unique and significant expertise in business process knowledge.

UN/CEFACT recognizes that ebXML is a very important technology solution 
which it will continue to actively maintain and support. UN/CEFACT 
recognizes the rapid pace of technology development and remains 
committed to the development of business content that can be used with 
any existing or future technological solution, such as UN/EDIFACT, XML 
and web services. In so doing UN/CEFACT remains open to cooperation and 
collaboration with all organizations sharing similar objectives.

UN/CEFACT Steering Group
October 20, 2003

Klaus-Dieter Naujok                         UN/CEFACT/TMG Chair
Global e-Business Advisory Council            Principal Advisor
Business: www.ge-bac.com        Personal: www.klaus.naujok.name
TMG: www.untmg.org                           BCF: www.unbcf.org

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