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Subject: New draft of negotiation specification

I have just posted the latest draft of the negotiation specification to the 
negotiation team's Web page.

The zip file contains the draft in Word and PDF forms, all the XML and XSD 
text files, and the source files for the BPSS state diagrams (see 
below).  I will distribute the futures document to the negotiation list later.

Please review the PDF file and comment using the line numbers in the PDF 
file so that we will all have identical line numbering.

The draft contains change tracking markup for all substantive changes since 
the January 2003 version with these exceptions:  I performed most large 
insertions or replacements, such as the XML and XSD files and a few other 
sections with change tracking turned off to reduce the noise level of the 
printouts.  There is a bold face label at the beginning of each of these 
sections indicating that it is a complete replacement.

Important unfinished matters are indicated by discussions in bold italic caps.

There is a problem with the current version of the BPSS state diagrams. 
When they are pasted in directly from the display of the file 
negotiation.htm, Word renders them correctly but they are garbled in the 
PDF. To get them rendered correctly, I had to first generate BMP files and 
paste them in, as described in the comment in the draft. This is not quite 
as good as pasting directly from negotiation.htm. I have included the 
source files (Visio, I think) in the package in case anyone wants to 
experiment with them.

More than anything else, the draft specification needs a lot of brain power 
applied to it now.


Martin Sachs
standards architect
Cyclone Commerce

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